Tube Light Driver Series
July 17, 2017

The New Generation Smart Hybrid Lighting Control

Integrate the regional bus control and traditional switch

SHLCS is one of the most advanced intelligent lighting control systems. It makes full use of existing lighting equipment and it just needs little or no change to upgrade for the intelligent management system. It can be widely used in all kinds of public buildings' control, smart home and hotel rooms, etc. This system not only integrates the popular bus control mode and it also further integrates the traditional switch. It involves a variety of advantages of traditional switch, and makes the bus remote control, group control, scene control and digitization more incisively and vividly.
Make full use of the advantages of the traditional switch

The advantages of digital lighting control are to make full use of its power. However, the operation of the traditional switch has diversity characteristic such as simplicity, high reliability, easy maintenance, low cost and beautiful modeling and by no means can be replaced by digital switch. The characteristics of the new generation hybrid lighting control system are high practicality, high reliability and the design of the decoration and it can also match the emotional appeal.

Simple system design and high expansibility

The most important characteristic of the new generation lighting control system is that its deployment is very simple and it need not install other control bus. The control signals are transmitted directly over the power line. For small-scale applications don't even have to install software. They can be set easily and also very easy to learn. This system has a very good ability to expand to thousands of circuits in a building.
Noble and not expensive

The price of the intelligent lighting control system is very high in the past and it can only be applied to the high end. SHLCS will provide cost-effective combination. Intelligent lighting control not only can improve the quality of life, save energy and it is an indispensable technology for the new decorate spaces and buildings.

System Architecture

Ease of Installation, Deployment, and Use

Sever Side Control System

Living Space

The Simplest Deployment


Dedicated for CyberDim smart LED lights(The left button for color change, the right push button for continuous sooth dimming)

CLD-DIM-D1 and CLD-DIM-L1 series dimmer support single live wire connection, easy to install and access

CLD-DIM-D2 series touch dimmer provides continuous smooth dimming and color change, deliver a better user experience

Scenario Network Control

With CyberDim external LED driver and area controller, you can have limitless lighting fixtures such as downlight, ceiling light, panel light, LED tube connected to IOT(Device Cloud) or internal lighting server to achieve large scale control of on/off, dimming, timer control, group control, etc.

How To Select LED Fixtures

Meet Electrical Quality Requirements Or Not

Our LED products meet the PF requirement with good electronic components and circuit design, which is distinguished from the unqualified LED product in the market (PF < 0.7) (Compliance with Energy Star and domestic LED lights quality requirements: The power factor of LED drive for residential applications must be greater than 0.7, while that for commercial applications shall be greater than 0.9)
It Is Healthy Light Or Not

(According to people's feeling, flicker can be classified into visible flicker and invisible flicker. Direct visual perception of flicker is negligible at frequencies of 100HZ or higher. Medical experiments show that people need to constantly adjust the visual system to ensure the stability of the illumination and imaging clarity when working under strobe light. However, excessive muscle activity can cause visual fatigue, moreover, lead to vision loss. Flicker also affects people nervous system. Being in the environment of blinking lights for a long time, the human eye will produce the illusion, thus leading to a potential accident. Flicker and stroboscopic effect have bad influence on the human health, so we need to avoid them. IEEE introduces PAR1789 to specify the requirements of flicker for all lamps. Example: For the most 100HZ frequency LED lamps, max allowable % flicker is 8%.

We were the first to adopt Everfine LFA-2000 Light Flicker Analyzer to perform rigorous tests for our LED products to make sure all new products placed on the market comply with the new flicker requirements.

According to the tests, many LED fixtures of popular brands available in the market are far over the 8% maximum allowable limit.

Dual Savings - Energy and Cost

* The lighting control system is for applications that require 24 hours lighting or large public places like hotel, car park, and factory, etc.

* One 36W fluorescent tube will consume, 36W x 24hours x 1/1000 = 0.864kwh (daily)

* 1kwh of electricity cost about HK$1, hence one T8-36W fluorescent light will cost about HK$315.36 per year. A parking lot with 1000pcs of 36W fluorescent light must pay HK$315,360 annually.

* A parking lot with 3000pcs of 36W fluorescent light must pay HK$946,080 annually. So, how do we achieve energy and cost savings at the same time?

* Adopt CyberDim smart 18W LED tube to replace the legacy 36W tube, we can achieve about 50% electrical bill saving.

* Based-on it, we can help you achieve higher electricity bill saving with the following lighting control setup:

Peak hour operation, (0900 - 1800): 9 hours of 100% brightness Non-peak hour operation, (0600 - 0900, 1800 - 2200): 7 hours of 50% brightness
Idle period operation, (2200 - 0600): 8 hours of 30% brightness
With this sample configuration, we cut the electrical bill by 25% or 50%.

* If coupled with IP camera motion detection technology, we can implement automatic recovery 100% brightness when someone moves. In this case, it is easy to achieve the maximum energy and cost saving without sacrificing the user experience.